Keeping Tyres4U on Track


Freight: Tyres
Route: Townsville to North and Western Queensland
Years with Followmont: 20

“Followmont is dependable with a good support team, which assists us at the front line of our business.”

Tyres 4U’s Townsville branch depends on Followmont to transport up to two semi-trailers of tyres each day to dealers in North and Western Queensland.

Tyre wholesaler Tyres4U keeps tyres of all types turning, supplying dealers across the country with tyres for lawnmowers, cars, earthmoving equipment – and everything in between. Their Townsville branch covers a vast geographic area of North and Western Queensland, selling to tyre dealers in regional locations such as Longreach, Rockhampton and the Whitsundays.

A Followmont customer for 20 years, Tyres4U in Townsville loads out tyres twice daily. Branch Clerk Tina Fitzgerald explains that dealers rely heavily on this service as most no longer keep tyres in stock. “Transport plays a big role in keeping our dealers satisfied,” she said. “Their customers need tyres as fast as possible, so transport is a key link to keep everything running smoothly.”

As a fully Australian-owned business, Tyres4U prefers to buy local where possible to support other Australian businesses. “In a transport provider, we also look for a company that has widespread coverage, delivers on what they promise, is reliable, competitive, and provides strong customer service,” Tina said.

In Followmont’s case, it’s proactive communication that helps

Tyres4U provide highly responsive and professional service to dealers. “Followmont provides me with constant advice on the current state of deliveries,” Tina said. “If there’s a problem like bad weather, I know about it immediately and I can get on the front foot to make sure dealers manage their schedules and set customer expectations accordingly. Followmont is dependable and has a good support team, which really helps us at the front line of our business.”