Watermelons & Pumpkins


Freight: Watermelons & pumpkins
Route: Emerald to Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne
Years with Followmont: 7

Followmont stands by me when I need help, and they’re always reliable and professional.”

Watermelon growers Mark and Trish Daunt relies on Followmont to load tonnes of fruit during frantic harvesting seasons.

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Daunt Family  (1)

Daunt Family  (18)

Transporting 3,000 tonnes of watermelons and 400 tonnes of pumpkins out of Emerald each year is no mean feat. You’ll find farmer Mark Daunt’s seedless watermelons and pumpkins in Australia’s major supermarkets and independent stores across the country, but to get them there he needs a transport provider that’s flexible, professional and competitive.

Mark, who is also chairman of the Australian Melon Association, explains: “Freight is a major part of our business. During harvesting, we pick up to 60 tonnes of fruit a day, so we need to load out on a daily basis, sometimes two or three times a day. We don’t have coldroom storage, so we need very fast service to ensure the freshest consumer experience.”

Mark switched to Followmont about eight years ago to keep his supply chain running smoothly. “I needed a provider who could keep the supply of trucks up,” he said. “It’s about availability, reliability, attention to detail, and remaining competitive. I’m on the phone to Followmont numerous times a day – if we suddenly have an excess of fruit or there’s a rain event, they have the flexibility to change at a moment’s notice.”

Mark counts Followmont’s contribution to his business as “major”, saying he simply wouldn’t exist without their trusted relationship. “We all know there are lots of ups and downs in farming, like dealing with unexpected weather events. Followmont stands by me when I need help, and they’re always reliable and professional.”