Followmont started and continues to grow with vision, innovation and hard work.

Executive Team

Our people are the secret to our success.

Followmont’s Executive Team consists of Mark Tobin (CEO), Trent Fuller (CFO), Barry Macnee (COO) Alice Atkins (EM People and Culture) and Steve Fleiter (Business Development Executive).

The Executive Team work across the business creating a sense of belonging and a passionate culture where employees feel respected and supported. They know the people are the secret to Followmont’s success.

The Team is extremely committed to driving strategy, developing leaders of the business and influencing positive change to continually improve Followmont Transport and ensure its ongoing success.

Each team member role models the core values of Service, Unity, Passion, Integrity and Innovation. With a shared goal to balance working “on” the business, as well as “in” the business, the Team’s focus is around long-term strategy and forward vision. They lead by example and strive to be the provider of choice for customers and the employer of choice in the transport industry.

Mark Tobin

Mark Tobin


As Followmont Transport’s CEO/MD, Mark Tobin is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations and driving the strategic direction and objectives of the business.

Mark Tobin, has been deeply entrenched in the company, working in the business since the age of 17.   Mark worked through the ranks, spending his youth in Rockhampton and other branches, working in various operational and mechanical roles across the business.  In 2006, Mark purchased shareholdings and became a Director, with the business experiencing a significant increase in growth at this time. In 2007 he became General Manager, and in 2011, CEO. Mark has now taken on the role of Managing Director, and is the sole shareholder actively working in the business. Mark is passionate about supplying the best available transport service regardless of any obstacles or challenges.   He is also extremely committed to leading the Executive Team, building leadership for the future and driving the strategic direction of the business.

As CEO/MD, Mark is extremely proud of what the business accomplishes each day, with Followmont vehicles covering over 85,000km each night across the state, supplying Queenslanders with their medical supplies, food, perishables and other goods.  He believes that all 650 employees are engaged and empowered in the business, demonstrated by going above and beyond customer expectations on a daily basis.

Followmont’s Core Values are the underpinning foundation that drives the business success.  Mark, with the full support of The Board and Executive Team, lives by these values and instills them into all Followmont’s valued staff and contractors.

Trent Fuller

Trent Fuller


Trent Fuller is the CFO of Followmont Transport and also serves on its Board of Directors. Since joining the Executive Team in 2012, Trent has helped develop the business strategy and driven it with enthusiasm.

Leading a team of 19 staff in areas of Accounting, Credit Control and Business Analytics, he is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely business performance data to all stakeholders, as well as managing business risk. His role also includes developing long term financial strategies for the business, managing the capital structure of Followmont and conducting economic forecasting and modelling.

Trent has a passion for leadership and developing people. He is motivated to ensure that business performance can be measured using both financial and non-financial KPI’s and visual data presentation, so that all people in the business, from operatives to the Board of Directors, can see their performance and make the best decisions they can. Some of his key achievements to date include developing and implementing many new initiatives across the business including improved reporting and visibility of data, clear and strategic budgets, cost control measures and the implementation of KPI’s and team scoreboards.

Trent is CPA Qualified and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business majoring in Accountancy from Queensland University of Technology.

Barry Macnee

Barry Macnee


Barry Macnee is Followmont’s Chief Operations Officer and has over 20 years’ experience in the Transport Industry. Since joining the business in 2013, he has played a vital role in streamlining and significantly improving operational efficiencies across the business. He is committed to leading and guiding his teams to ensure that Followmont provides the best possible service to our customers.

As COO, Barry is responsible for overseeing the operational performance of the business across 15 branches and multiple agents for Followmont Transport; driving strategy across each of the business units in all areas of safety, sales, customer service and freight divisions. Some of his Followmont achievements to date have been connecting all operational teams resulting in greater consistency, as well as the successful implementation of a statewide safety and compliance program.

Throughout his career history, Barry has held a variety of leadership roles and most notably, held long term roles as State Manager (both in Victoria and Queensland) for reputable national transport providers.

Alice Atkins

Alice Atkins

Executive Manager of People & Culture

Alice Atkins is the Executive Manager of People and Culture for Followmont Transport. Alice joined the company in 2011 working in a Human Resources function and in 2014 was promoted to this key leadership role, forming part of the Executive Team. Alice is passionate about HR and committed to driving positive change in the business, ultimately striving to become an preferred employer in the transport industry.

In this role, Alice leads the People & Culture Department, overseeing a team of 12 staff, specializing in all areas of recruitment, selection and onboarding, performance and development, employee relations and engagement, payroll, HR project management and generalist HR. As the Executive Manager of People and Culture, she is responsible for developing and implementing high level HR strategies, continued cultural improvement and ensuring that the workforce has sufficient resources and skills both now and into the future. Some of her most exciting work to date has been implementing a Time & Attendance System state-wide, driving Youth Engagement Programs and initiatives, embedding Followmont’s Performance and Development Review Program and supporting the business during its continued growth and evolution.

Alice holds a bachelor’s degree in Business majoring in Human Resource Management (with Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology.

Steve Fleiter

Steve Fleiter

Business Development Executive

Steve Fleiter is Followmont’s Business Development Executive and has over 35 years’ experience in the Transport Industry. Since joining the business in October 2016, Steve has been responsible for the revenue quality and growth whilst overseeing the overall sales activity within Followmont. Steve works with the Sales Team to ensure our customers receive the best possible service whilst providing solutions to customers transport problems. With service and hands-on relationships being the key focus, Steve and the team creative collaborative partnerships to improve customers end to end transport and logistics needs. Steve also works within the Executive Team to drive strategy across each of the business units in all areas of safety, sales, customer service and the freight network divisions.

Throughout his career history, Steve has held a variety of senior leadership roles, most notably he held a long term senior management role for a multi-national transport provider.