We care for people and freight through the highest of standards and procedures.

Quality & Safety

We’re committed to the highest levels of quality and safety to ensure our employees, contractors, visitors, the public and freight are well-cared for.

We uphold quality and safety standards by:

  • Maintaining, training and developing our fleet, people and processes to rigorous standards.
  • Emphasising safe driving, handling dangerous goods, and fatigue management, with accreditation in Basic Fatigue Management.
  • Designing our linehaul shuttle system to ensure all drivers work a normal shift. They don’t sleep in the truck. Instead, they end their day in a comfortable bed in a motel.
  • Adopting a comprehensive and systematic risk management approach, including maintaining a safe environment at all Followmont depots, ensuring appropriate emergency procedures exist, providing appropriate protective equipment, training employees in safety practices, and complying with all relevant OH&S legislation.