We move cartons, pallets, fresh produce and special projects including full loads and oversized to rural and regional areas.

Pallet Policy

Incoming Pallets

Chep/Loscam pallets being delivered into Followmont premises will be exchanged on a one for one basis. No transfers will be accepted.

Chep/Loscam pallets being linehauled with an interstate carrier should where possible be transferred or swapped with relevant carrier at point of pick-up. If pallets are transferred onto interstate carrier, effective date to be delayed as per tranship days. Pallets are not to be transferred directly to Followmont.


Followmont will exchange Chep/Loscam pallets at point of pick-up. Should the driver not have the required amount of pallets to complete exchange the customer will have two options:

(1) Driver will complete a Followmont Pallet Control docket. The customer and the Followmont driver will co-sign the docket to confirm the amount of pallets owe, both parties receive a copy of the docket. Outstanding pallets will be taken out to the customer the next working day.

(2) Customer to complete a Chep/Loscam transfer for the amount of pallets not able to be exchanged. The customer must obtain the driver’s signature on transfer and give the driver a copy of the transfer. NO transfers will be accepted without a driver signature and reference to the consignment number being collected written clearly on transfer.


The receiving customer must be able to exchange Chep/Loscam on a one for one basis at point of delivery. If the customer does not have pallets available for exchange the Followmont driver will complete a Followmont Pallet Control docket advising customer of pallets owed to Followmont. It is the receiving customer’s responsibility to ensure the exchange pallets are available for collection the next working day.

Should pallets not be available, Followmont Transport will transfer outstanding pallets onto the receiving customers Chep/Loscam account. Customer’s who do not have pallet accounts and are unable to exchange pallets will be charged a fee of $45 per outstanding pallet.


Transfers must be transferred onto Followmont’s Chep/Loscam account on a daily basis; Followmont will not accept a transfer that is more than 30 days after Movement date without written authority. If a pallet is a “Customer Owned / Non Exchange” pallet please record details on the Con Note.



Pallet Controller: Paula Bosel palletcontroller@followmont.com.au