We move cartons, pallets, fresh produce and special projects including full loads and oversized to rural and regional areas.

Pallet Policy


As a part of our continual commitment to support and supply our customer the highest level of service, Followmont Transport would like to advise the implementation of our revised Pallet Policy.


Followmont Transport prefer that customers holding CHEP/LOSCAM pallet accounts transfer pallets at time of pickup, however exchanges will also be accepted. If the Followmont driver is unable to supply the adequate number of pallets to exchange, a Followmont Pallet Movement Docket (PMD) will be issued to the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Followmont Pallet Control to arrange to have owed pallets returned.

Pallets owed to Followmont Transport must be returned within 7 days of request. If not returned, Followmont will raise a miscellaneous invoice at the rate of $50.00 plus GST for each outstanding pallet onto the Followmont Transport customer.

Please CLICK HERE to view the complete Followmont Transport Pallet Policy

For more information please contact: pallets@followmont.com.au