We cube large light-weight items. Read how to calculate.

Volumetric Charges

parcelFor large light-weight shipments, our shipment rates are calculated on the greater value between the actual (dead) weight of the shipment and the volumetric (cubic) weight measured in kilograms.

How do we calculate the volumetric weight?

To calculate the volumetric weight, simply multiply the WIDTH by the LENGTH by the HEIGHT of your shipment (in metres) by 333.

Our volumetric (or cubic) conversion factor is 333 kilograms per cubic metre.

Our charges reflect the greater of either the actual (dead) weight OR the volumetric (cubic) weight.

A sample calculation is set out below:

  • This shipment measures 1.2m long X 1.1m wide X 1.0 m high.
  • It actually weighs only 50 kilograms.
  • Thus 1.2 X 1.1 X 1.0 X 333 = 440 kgs. (The chargeable weight).